3800 Series II Superchared Engine Swap

Updated October 9, 2002 21:16

July 19, 2002

Time for an upgrade... 3800sc here I come. Picked up an egine with 16k miles out of a 2000 grand prix today. Got a pretty good deal, $850 for the engine with computer, alt, a/c compressor, and power steering pump (removed of course). Needs some work on the wiring harness or lack there of. They also threw in the connector for the computer because the wiring harness was so bad. Here's a pic of it on the stand

July 21, 2002


Well I got the valve covers swap so the oil fill hole is on the proper side. Still have to do the wiring harness, haven't found the 2000 pinout's for the computer yet. Man is it clean under the valve covers, still nice and shiny (well not really but no burt oil). More pics latter today.

More pics up.


July 24, 2002

Finished up the engine portion of the wiring harness. Just need to hook into the orginal harness for a few wires and the electrical should be done. Ordered the flywheel yesterday so it should be here tomorrow or the day after. I can't wait to get this engine in.


July 24, 2002

The flywheel arrived today. Taking it in on Friday to get machined down to .840" , the stock size of a new V6 Fiero flywheel.


August 4, 2002

Started it up around 10:30pm. Man is it loud without an exhaust but I have to get it out of the garage before we pour concrete outside so the cars not trapped for a week. Tomorrow I'll hook up the scantool and see how many codes I get.

August 11, 2002

Well I got the exhaust welded up, made a flange and did some custom pipes to the muffler. Hopefully it'll fit it just right. I still have to do the tips but at least it'll be quieter. So far I've only set two codes, but I haven't done any driving more than a few hundred feet.

August 29, 2002

Haven't updated lately, but I finished to prototype exhaust. Right now it's pretty restrictive but it works. here's a drawing of what i did:

I had the car on the road for about a week now. Man does it accelerate, but I really need a good clutch. I think I'll save that for later this winter or ealy next spring.

September 8, 2002

I'm currently working a writing some software to use as a scantool for this engine. Eventually this software will be running on the computer system that will be installed latter on.

October 9, 2002

The alternator belt came off on Sunday, so I changed the tensioner pulley to a 78mm grooved one and installed a 4060835 gatorback belt. Fits perfect. I think the old belt was slipping on the water pump because today water was being pumped out of the passenger's side engine to pipe coolant hose, a spring tyoe clamp was reused. I replaced it with a standard hose clamp and everything is good again. I wish I hadn't drilled a hole in the thermostat, the engine only heats up to the second or third tick mark after a 10 mile trip.

Thumbs of all pics of the swap:


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